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About Zeven Digital

Effective SEO for small budgets

Zeven Digital was set up to help small-to-medium sized companies. Companies that have limited time and resources.

As the owner of a smaller business you may find yourself wearing several hats. One minute you’re the director, then you’re a salesperson, then the company accountant, then the secretary then IT. And it’s not just you — your admin person also has to stand in as the marketing person. Your HR manager is also the phone answerer. And some poor soul is lumped with the task of looking after the company website (on top of their usual duties!)

It would be great to hire a full-time person dedicated to managing your website, but such a person would require a large salary. It would be great to hire a digital agency — but once again, they charge large fees aimed at big, wealthy companies.

We noticed that there were very few options for SMEs, so we decided to do something about it.

SMEs still need a healthy web presence

We are a smaller digital agency for smaller companies. We don’t work in an expensive high-rise office. We don’t employ dozens of people. We keep intentionally small so we can keep our fees low.

For one simple monthly cost we’ll design a professional website, write on your blog, manage your social media, and help your site move to the top of the Google search results. We’re cheaper than hiring an in-house web manager and cheaper than using a big agency.

Cheap — but certainly not nasty.


Everything we do is tailored to the needs of a small-to-medium sized company. We don’t tie you into a long term contract because we understand that your cash flow may be tight. We offer simple monthly terms, and work hard to make sure you get a return on your investment as soon as possible.

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