Zeven Sports

New website for Zeven Sports

We have just launched a brand new website for one of our sister companies, Zeven Sports. The new site went live yesterday.

Zeven Sports is a dealer of jet boats, jet skis and other water craft. They are an official UK dealer for Scarab Boats — a highly sought-after brand that is usually only available to buy in the States.

The Zeven Digital team have been working away on their new branding, a fully-responsive website and their social media presence. We will also be responsible for their on-going SEO.

Zeven Sports website

Zeven Sports’ new homepage

The client asked us to create pages where visitors could view the boats in different configurations and colours. We designed and programmed these interactive ‘colour viewers’. They were created using jQuery, which means they will still display and work correctly on mobile devices.

The screenshot below shows what the top-spec version if the Scarab 195 looks like in Laser Red:

colour viewer

The interactive colour viewer designed by our web team. You can view the working version here.

The new website also has a news room which will be jointly managed by ourselves and the client. The whole site has been designed to look good an any size screen, from the smallest smartphone up to the biggest widescreen monitor, and the whole thing has been optimised for SEO.

You can view the website here.

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