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New work — EvoHome by Go Greena

We recently designed and launched a micro-site for EvoHome — a new product from Go Greena, one of our long-running clients.

EvoHome is a system that lets you control your central heating with your phone. So whether you are at work, on the bus or sat on the beach you can pull out your phone and switch your heating on or off. This lets their customers save money by only having the heating on when they need it.

Go Greena wanted us to emphasise the fact that the system saves you money and effectively pays for itself. Another major selling point is that EvoHome, unlike its competitors, lets you control your heating room-by-room. We were asked to brand the product, design the site and write all the sales copy.

Zeven Digital also created a new brand and logo for Go Greena’s “Eco Finance” service. The logo needed to look ‘green’ & eco-friendly, look trustworthy, and look official when sat next to other accreditation symbols.

Eco Finance logo

EvoHome footer

The micro-site is fully responsive — it’s designed to adapt to any screen size, from a big desktop computer all the way down to a smartphone in portrait mode.

It has also been carefully optimised to attract search engine traffic for a list of specified keywords.

You can view the new website here.

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