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Technology news 12/05/2014

Our favourite technology links from around the internet this week.

Apple buys Beats

The big news in the world of technology this week — Apple have purchased the Beats headphone brand for a cool $3.2 billion dollars. Since the passing of Steve Jobs in 2011 the company have struggled to launch a desirable and ground-breaking product in the same league as the iPod or the iPad, so perhaps it make sense for them to bring in a fresh and desirable product brand from outside.

Hundreds of bloggers and journalists have tried to figure out whether or not this is a wise move, and there’s a particularly good article about it over on the Guardian website.

Mind controlled prosthetic arm gets FDA approval

Dean Kamen, the man responsible for the Segway amongst other things, has been working on a prosthetic arm that is controlled by the mind. The idea is that the wearer doesn’t need to be trained to use the new limb, it feels just as natural as using your own arm. He’s not the only person working on a project like this, but he’s the first to get the big thumbs up from the FDA.

More pics and videos over here.

Dwayne Johnson ‘wins’ Mother’s Day

Although we in the UK celebrated mother’s day back in March, for the US and much of the world it was mother’s day yesterday. As you might expect the social media world was flooded with pictures of celebrities and their mums, but our favourite was this. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. In costume & makeup on the set of his new Hercules film. Pictured with his mum.

The Rock

Well done Dwayne. Well done.

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