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Case Study: Zeven Media

Zeven Media website

Our sister company rents out digital photo booths to high profile fashion clients. They needed a new website that would give them a slick, fashionable image.

The new website was appearing on page 1 of Google in less than a month.

The challenge

Zeven Media had been in website limbo for a number of months, with nothing more than a ‘coming soon’ page representing them online.

Despite the fact that they were pulling in big name clients like Adidas, Virgin Media and the Brit Awards, they were still concerned that the lack of a real website could be losing them business. They asked us to build them a new site as soon as possible.

The approach

Looking to high fashion brands for inspiration, we designed a website that would appeal to discerning marketing professionals and event organisers. The site features large high-res photos, product information, a gallery section and a blog.

As well as looking good, the new website has been highly optimised to rank well the in search engine results.

The result

Just three weeks after the new site was launched it was appearing on the first page of Google for several relevant keywords, thanks to our extensive SEO efforts.

Zeven Media

We went from zero to first page on Google in less than a month. We sell a very high-value product and our new website gets us at least one new lead every day, making it well worth the investment. We are extremely pleased with the service we have received.

Joshua Cook, Co-owner of Zeven Media