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Google Adwords

Google Adwords Management
Sometimes your organic SEO efforts need a little boost. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with Google can instantly put you at the top of the search results page, ahead of the ‘organic’ results.

What is Google AdWords?

If you’ve ever performed a search on Google, you may have noticed the sponsored search results along the top or side of the page. Unlike the organic results, people have paid to have these ads displayed in a prominent position.

If you have the budget and you’re hungry for new customers, AdWords is a great way to get new business in quickly. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, PPC is highly targeted. For example if you are selling furniture, your ads will only show if a person types in a search related to furniture. The people who click on your ads will already be in a “buying” frame of mind.

Google Adwords works on a pay-per-click basis, so you only ever pay when a customer clicks on your ad.

Beat the competition

If your business works in highly competitive market, it may be difficult to get on the first page in Google. If this is the case then we recommend going down the PPC route — it’s a controlled, cost-effective way to get visitors coming to your site.

Let us manage your PPC campaigns

With careful management and analysis, PPC advertising can be extremely cost-effective. We can control your budget to make sure every ad delivers a good return on your investment. Our copywriters will write and test dozens of different adverts and fine-tune them to get the maximum number of clicks. We can also design dedicated landing pages — i.e. the webpage visitors are taken to when they click on your ad.

Using our sophisticated analysis tools, we are able to pin-point which adverts are working, and which landing pages convert the most visitors into customers. This means that over time we can fine-tune your advertising campaign and turn it into a highly cost-effective sales generator.

Complete control

PPC is extremely flexible, making it an ideal option for smaller businesses. You can alter your budget at any time at a moment’s notice. If you need to, we can simply ‘switch off’ your adverts and switch them back on when you’re ready.

Our services are tailored to the needs of smaller businesses, so we won’t try and tie you in to any kind of long term-contract. We work on simple monthly terms.

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