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SEO for Small Businesses

SEO for small businesses

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” — it is the fine art of getting your website to appear as high as possible in search engines like Google.
After all, what’s the use in having a brilliant website if nobody sees it?

Outsource your SEO

Our SEO packages are tailored to the needs of small-to-medium sized companies.

Small business owners don’t always have the time to learn about SEO, or the resources to bring in a full-time SEO manager.

As your SEO agency, we will take care of your website and all of your SEO activity — this includes link building, keyword research, on-page SEO, social media integration and content marketing.

The beautiful thing about SEO is that it is completely measurable — you can judge whether or not you are getting a good return on your investment. Many of our clients see positive results in as little as 2–3 months.

Quality over quantity

Some less-than-reputable SEO companies will use underhand tactics that violate Google’s guidelines, and can actually harm your search rankings in the long-run.

We don’t make outrageous promises. We don’t guarantee to get you the 1st place in Google, and frankly you should avoid any company who says they can.

What we can do is make sure your website appears where it should do when people search for relevant keywords. That means you get more traffic to your website, which in turn means you get more customers.

Proven methods

Our experienced SEO team are aware of the latest developments in the industry and will work within the guidelines to get your site noticed.

One of our proven tactics is to write professional, informative articles and get them published on industry-leading websites. We got one of clients featured by the Energy Saving Trust — you can read the complete case study here.

No obligation

We can take care of all your SEO tasks for one simple monthly fee. We know that you don’t have a massive marketing budget, so we don’t tie you into a long-term contract — we operate on monthly terms.

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